katie (colorthecoast) wrote in xnot_an_exitx,

Name: Katie
Age: 18
Location: West Palm Beach, FL
Favorite Color: pink

(At least 3 of each)
Interests: music, art, shows, my buds, road trips, coffee, partying, the ocean, tattoos (even though i don't have any yet), driving, photography, my cat.

Favorite Bands: dashboard, coheed, brand new, the eagles, saves the day, the early november, jimmy eat world, the mars volta, the postal service, the ataris, taking back sunday, the starting line, chili peppers, aerosmith, alkaline trio, mmbt, i don't know, i could name 100.

Movies: american history x, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, secret window, empire records, breakfast club, just married, slc punk, dazed and confused.

Books: sloppy firsts, second helpings, naked lunch, perks of being a wallflower.

Why do you want to join?: who doesn't like making friends?

What do you think about-

Gay Marrige: who should say who you can marry? it shouldn't even be an issue. it's ridiculous. of course im in favor of it.

Drugs: they suck.

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