Sarah Hecksel (anarchyange1) wrote in xnot_an_exitx,
Sarah Hecksel


<P>Name: Sarah Elizabeth </P>
<P>Age: 16 Location: Lansing </P>
<P>(At least 3 of each) </P>
<P>Interests: Music, driving, Anne Rice novels, animals, suicidal tendancies Favorite Bands: Fuel, SC, SL, GC, Incubus, 3 days grace, smile emtpy soul, afi, brand new, reel big fish, </P>
<P>Movies: donnie darko, big fish, nightmare before x-mas, rocky horror, interview with the vampire, queen of the damned, </P>
<P>Books: all anne rices, interview with a vampire, lestat the vampire, queen of the damned </P>
<P>Why do you want to join?: bc your making me! </P>
<P>What do you think about- </P>
<P>Gay Marrige: it's all good </P>
<P>Drugs: depends what kind </P>
<P>Post 1-3 pictures </P>
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