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screw got me at goodbye

nice's my application:

Name: monica
Age: 14
Location: dublin, ga...a suck ass town, thank god im moving
Favorite Color: pink..even tho it's oh so overrated

(At least 3 of each)
Interests: music, rock shows, poetry
Favorite Bands: spitalfield; northstar; thursday; taking back sunday and more of course
Movies: the notebook..that's good. real good. i saw it 2 times..teehee
Books: hm..i dont like to read >_<

Why do you want to join?: cause i heard this was an AWESOME community, and bored..hehe ^_^

What do you think about-

Gay Marrige: wbat do i think of this..i think it's alright as long as you love each other. no one should tell you, you can marry the same sex. cause if u were gay, and HAD to marry the opposite sex, life would suck
Drugs: drugs = bad!
Sex:....idk? i guess it's alright if u do it with someone you really LOVED and CARED for

no pictures, sorry..
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