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Screw hello, you had me at good-bye.

+ In the subject line title as "Screw hello, you had me at goodbye"



Age: 14 (almost 15!! >.<)
Location: Brandon Mississippi..ugh it sucks big monkeys
Favorite Color: black(yes I know its a shade not color but its so..idk), silver, hot pink, and white

(At least 3 of each)
Interests:Girls, hugs, lil Jimmy Urine
Favorite Bands: AFI (!!!!!), Poison the Well, Thursday, No Doubt, Thrice, MSI, CKY, Incubus, Sublime and soooo many more
Movies:John Q, Strangeland, Alice in Wonderland, Lord of the Rings

Why do you want to join?:Because this seems like an awesome community and I'mnot really in anyu but this one seems really neat. Plus I wanna meet some new people.

What do you think about-

Gay Marrige: THE BEST! I am kind of gay..so i support it 12847289% gay marriage rocks my socks.
Drugs: ugh soooooooooooo STUPID! I mean, whats the point? They are gross, screw your life up, hurt other, and hurts yourself. Though I have some friends who do drugs. ::sigh::
Sex: mmm I am still a vigin and I am not in a rush. Soo I guess I don't have much to say.

heh I hope you knwo that I ma not the old man. That is my dad. Sorry this picture sucks..I look really bad in it.Plus it is old. My scanner broke a while ago. SOWWY!

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